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Hey Gorgeous, I'm Rickina

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Why Trust Me?

I've got about 8 business failures under my belt...yes ma'am! I'm not embarrassed to admit that at ALL. Because each of those failures taught me something. From stepping up my marketing game, to understanding how to improve my client experience, and how to build a dynamic website that literally brings clients to me. 

My beauty business The Lash CEO is now the highest Google rated Lash & Brow Studio in Hampton Roads, VA (including all of our 7 cities). I've built a multiple six-figure beauty business in less than 2.5 years. And I own a state licensed Permanent Makeup Academy, to license the future of beauty artists. 

Today I've helped, encouraged and taught over 1000+ beauty professionals how to attract more clients, book more appointments and make more money in their beauty businesses! 

I'd love to include you in that growing list! 

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Ready To Take Action?

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