Booking More Clients 

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Thee number one challenge I hear as a Beauty Business Coach is getting/booking new clients! And rightly so...without enough booked appointments coming in daily and weekly our businesses are doomed to fail. Or worse...not enough income to support us. Which if you ask me is worse...because it's like you're making some money...but not quite enough to really do the things you desire, like vacations, splurges and restful self care.

Old(heck even NOW) teachings were/are we pour our time into social media...we post boost, Facebook and Instagram advertise, Google advertise and use Hope Marketing... Hoping that those methods bring us booked appointments. 


But if you're anything like me, those hopes are quickly squashed as soon as you see you've spent hundreds, or in my case thousands of dollars looking to those mentioned ways. With little to zero return. 


Talk about's usually money we 'don't really have' at least it was for me anyway. I mean I was new to no steady flow of clients to help pay for those ads, and boosting, and time spent swiping and commenting, liking, trying to find locals to book with me...Sound Familiar? Hoping I would strike a chord with someone...anyone to book with me.


Thankfully this doesn't have to continue to be your story.  I've been where you are, but once I realized that once I figured out how Google, my website and being visible in search when clients are ready to book, is what I needed to get better booked. 

No longer did I need to please Mr. Facebook and his algorithm in order to see true growth in my beauty business. What I now know is that I can choose to hop on Instagram when I want, and my business still books at least 15 new clients a week. 


What would 3,5 or even 20 new clients a week mean for your beauty business?  

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If You’re Ready to Play a Bigger Game, 

I Can Fast Track Your Success…

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December 2021

We doubled Fierce Beauty's Visibility in less than 3 months! Giving her waaay more booked appointments!


February 2022


Would that change things? Would that give you more money from your beauty business than you're getting now? Would that give you the resources you need to help an aging parent? Or maybe plan a fun Spring Break vacay next year.


Whatever your why know you HAVE to do something different than you're doing at this moment to Book More Clients! 


I've spent the last 9.5 years figuring out how to work part time hours to fit my families life, yet still make over $100k since 2017...and yes...even despite the pandemic. 


And if you're here with me right now you wanna see a change!  Maybe you wanna earn $50k, or $70k, or maybe even have a six figure business too.


I'm proof that You Can Do It...WHEN you do what works, while having someone who's still in it with you, that you can turn to who's been there and is willing to pour into your journey too!


I created Booked Beauty Business because when I was getting started back in 2013...I couldn't find anyone who was even open enough to share what was working for them. Much less take me under their wing and let me ask 'dumb' questions so that I could be a better entrepreneur in the beauty industry.


Instead I got the cold shoulder..nada...crickets. Maybe they thought if they helped me it would take away from their income or clientele??



I promised myself then, that if I figured out how to achieve my goals I would make it a point to help others do the same. Because why wouldn't I? Why not bless other women around me willing to hear me out, and see that I genuinely want them to WIN TOO!


This is what you have the opportunity to be a part of RIGHT NOW! If you enroll to be a part of Booked Beauty Business, not only will you get a chance to ask me questions once a week for 3 weeks. You'll have a local website infused and rebooted to actually become another extension of your business driving new clients to your business. 

But here's the thing...I'm not taking on everyone who wants to enroll. I'm only accepting those who are ready to take the necessary action to work with me, meaning ready to show up for yourself, and your business.


You've got to be ready to commit. And be willing to show up for our weekly group live calls. My time is literally worth $300/hour. So if I clear my schedule to pour into you, It's my desire that you show up to receive it. 

Here's the details:


1. The Decision

Deciding...I'm ready to work with Rickina and start booking more clients to my beauty business. 


4. We Launch!

Space will be limited because I want to offer as much valuable time and assistance to those who are in the academy. Our start date will be determined, and we'll nail down our weekly calls, and complete the onboarding process to get your client booking website rebooted and running. 

While Every Woman Deserves an Extraordinary Life and Extraordinary Business, Not All Women Are Truly Ready for a Higher Level of Success

This IS for:

  • Women who have some experience in their business and are ready to take it to the next level OR Women who are new to business but understand the value of getting it right from the beginning

  • ​Women who see coaching as an investment and place a high premium on getting expert guidance that will “shortcut” their success

  • ​Women who are genuinely good at what they do and want to offer their talent to the world

  • ​Women who are tired of “hustling up” money in their business every month and want a tried and true way to book clients. 

  • ​Women who are open to learning new things and enjoy challenging themselves

  • ​Women who are comfortable taking risks and are willing to take a leap of faith to get what they want

  • ​Women who take action quickly and would rather do what it takes to achieve results now instead of wait for “someday”



This ISN'T for:


  • Women who are extreme beginners with no website and need help coming up with their business name, vibe, services etc. 

  • ​Women who more concerned with “saving money” in their business than they are with getting a return

  • ​Women who think they can solve their business challenges by watching free webinars and copying what other entrepreneurs are doing online

  • ​Women who routinely pass up opportunities because “it’s not the right time”

  • ​Women who are so financially strapped that they literally have zero resources to put into their business right now

  • ​Women who are “window shopping” for coaches and are not in need of immediate support

  • ​Women who need someone else’s permission to make financial decisions in their business

  • ​Women who are scared, skeptical, or are otherwise ill-equipped to get the results they want

What you’ll get when we work together:

Live Coaching

3 Live Coaching/Brainstorming/

Q&A Sessions with me and our small group

VALUE: $900

Wix SEO Local Reboot

A complete and custom local reboot for your local area website. Including your local keywords, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), and Google juice to help your beauty business begin to gain higher organic search attention.

  •  Service Page Meta Titles

  • Keywords and Meta Description

  • Services keywords and Meta Description

  • Keyword Proximity

  • Keyword Placement

  • H1, H2, and H3 Tag

  • SEO/Google Friendly URLs

  • Image Optimization and Alt Tags

  • Robots.txt


  • XML sitemap install

  • Schema/Structured Data install

  • and More!

VALUE: $799+

My Exclusive Google Power SEO Juice for your website!

This includes 300 high powered relevant backlinks to give your new website thee best opportunity for high ranking organic search listings. And 300 top tier relevant citations to help your new website have higher perceived value in Google's eyes.

VALUE: $500

Local Client Searched Keyword List

A giant list of up to 100 local niche specific keywords that will give you insight on how to rank quickly locally, and insight on competitors research and an action plan curated just for your local beauty business.

VALUE: $500


Early Bird Google My Business BONUS:

5000 Maps Citations, 5 SEO Driving on maps, 

15 Backlinks + bonus backlinks + 50 Miles radius

Quick listen from me about the value offered in my
BBB Academy

Here are some quick reminders about the Academy offerings:

1. As with most unbranded websites, there is a monthly fee to maintain them. Typically $15/month or less.  Unless you choose the free version which will have the  the platform branding(ie Wix) on your website. 

2. Please allow up to 5 weeks for your tech to be complete. What we're doing for your local presence is not instatnt, it does take time to implement and see results from.  Our team will be working on several websites at once, and we want to ensure everyone's is designed to

our strongest SEO and esthetic standards.