3 Live Coaching/Brainstorming/ Q& A Sessions

with me and our small beauty group

A Wix SEO Reboot built for your local area, including your local keywords, SEO, backlinks, citations, Google juice to help your beauty business

My Exclusive Google Power SEO Juice for your website!

A giant list of up to100 local niche specific keywords to utilize in article content, blog posts, reels, videos etc! 

Early Bird BONUS: Google My Business Map Ranking Juice!

Unlike so many other coaching, classes or courses or monthly memberships, you have to DIY most of the work. Which leaves you still holding the ball and needing to focus on that in order to get results. 

 But listen I get it...you have a business to run and worrying about how you're getting your calendar full shouldn't be another task on your plate. 

So let my team and I use proven strategies (with receipts as proof), SEO code, and design that work, continue to work, and will work for your beauty business!

Also, keep in mind that I can't accept everyone in one area, offering the exact same services.

If you want to secure your area/zip code...Enroll today!

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Get started with a payment of $468, then 3 
monthly payments of $468. 


My first spot...

When I started....that was what the front of my space looked like. Small, but I was so so stoked to have my own spot...boy was I in for a rude awakening...

Was I ambitious to strike out on my own right out of Esty school...hecks yeah....was it an uphill battle for 3 years...YOU DANG STRAIGHT!

But I'm so excited to get the chance to work with you and help you navigate past all the thousands of dollars wasted, time wasted, and crap that just was a giant waste of time. 

So if you're here on this page...it means you're enrolling to work with me...And I CANNOT Wait!!

Let's Recap...here's what your business gets when you choose to work with me!