Learn With Me

I am living proof that having someone who is actually for You and guiding you to your goals is how you can take your beauty business to the next level with strategic learning.  

My courses, guides and services were designed with you the beauty professional in mind.  I know what if feels having no one willing or open to helping your grow feels like. Spinning your wheels trying to duplicate someone else's "perceived" successes... 

Our industry has unique challenges, but also is growing the fastest in the beauty industry. I ACTUALLY know (and can show proof) how to grow a $100k+ business offering beauty services. 

Let's grow together! 

I literally spent 18 months running in place frustrated with the trajectory of my beauty business. I knew where I wanted to go, but had absolutely no clear road, or path to get there.

Hiring a business coach was the best investment I have made to get me from where I was to where I want to be. 

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Can We Talk?

For a minute...

Girl I want to know your name.... :-)

Ya see what I did there?

I know there is A LOT of shiny talk about being on social media to grow a thriving beauty business. And here's what I want you to hear from me. Social media absolutely works for those who have the time, energy and patience to put in the hours a day necessary to make it work. Or who have the money investment to make others make it work for you. 

I'm NOT that CEO...I'm a mother of 3, and only up until recently(2021) managing a house with an active duty military service member gone ALOT! So hours a day playing handsy with Instagram or Facebook just isn't in my wheelhouse. 

I needed options to grow my beauty business systematically with less time, and definitely no advertising. 

I'm so blessed to have fallen on my face several times to realize THERE IS A BETTA WAY. 

And now that I know...you'll be blessed to know too!


Hiya CEO! I'm Rickina 
Booked Beauty Business Specialist

I've been where you are...struggling with doing all the things just trying to book a full calendar. Eager to serve your clients, ready to work, and pumped to earn a decent living. 

But there's all the things riiiight?? Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn....I mean which one do you even focus on? 

My answer is well...not really any of them...I know I know right....ludicrous. But listen ever since I figured out what ACTUALLY worked...I've been growing a thriving beauty business that consistently stays 90% booked.


I've enjoyed working less than 60 hours a month, while making a better than full time income.  All with VERY inconsistent social media, and no real advertising. (At least that got me appointments anyway) 

I built a multiple six-figure beauty business in under 2.5 years, with smart work, hustle and  savvy strategies that bring clients to me. 

I'd like that to be your new story too. Little social media...but a fully booked calendar. 

Whadaya say? You with me?

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