Beauty Business Names Ideas | Finding Your Perfect Fit

What does your beauty business name say about you?

It can say alot actually, I've always thought that the name of any business is really kind of the first impression. Leave a bad one, and you might lose a potential new client before you even get started.

Today I'm sharing some brainstorming prompts on how to nail down your beauty business name, and how to get a big list of ideas that you can mix and match to

your liking.

What Prompts to Use for Your Beauty Business

It should be an exciting and fun task, naming your business. So keep that in mind it should be a name that represents you, your personality, or your mission. It can also be feelings or notions outside of that. I've even played with the idea of questions as names, or statement as a name.

For example a question around lash extensions could be:

"We Lashing Today?" or

"Who's Your Lash Artist?"

Or maybe you're a Nail Artist we could work with:

"Who Does Your Nails?"

Another cool thing about thinking unlike the masses for names, is that you have a higher probability that the domain name, or URL isn't taken.

For example: is not taken yet...You could snag this one up right now!

Steer Clear of Trendy Beauty Business Names

If you plan on having your business stand the test of time, try and navigate away from trendy names that may be 'hot' today...but tired tomorrow. I've seen this with names that have Bling Bling in them...or some other dated term. The lash thing we want for your beauty business is to sound outdated. Think of timeless words, phrases or things that suit you, or describe how you like to treat your clients, or experiences you strive to continually deliver.

Check out my YouTube video on some brainstorming ideas to help you generate the best name for your beauty business.

I hope this post and video was helpful, to get those creative juices flowing to help you brainstorm and choose thee perfect beauty business name(s) that suit you you beautifully.

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have, just comment below or on my channel!

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