Digital Marketing in the Beauty Industry | How to Get More Booked Appointments

Updated: May 30

Once you know how to get more appointments using digital marketing your beauty business will never be the same.

Here's a hint: It's not spending your wheels on Instagram, or Facebook. Sure those platforms have their place if that's where your audience lives and looks for your services. But what if your audience doesn't?

Get more clients for your beauty business
Digital Marketing for Beauty Businesses

What if they're searching for your beauty services, because...well they hate social media and think it's lame? You better show up where they're looking, so You get those appointments.

I learned early on in my beauty business journey that social media wasn't my best friend to bring me more clients, and keep me busy. I'd spend countless hours and hours posting, commenting, emojiing, and hoping all of that would equal booked appointments.

It didn't. In fact it really was a huge time suck that I couldn't deposit in the bank. Bummer...

Understanding that most beauty professionals, trainers, and courses don't even teach you how to attract new business to your establishment literally blows my mind. It seems everyone is drinking the social media kool aid, and wondering why they're not booked out.

Well I know for me it was because I was looking to attract a more high end clientele. My prices were not budget and I desired to be paid what I was/am worth. Once I realized that my beauty clients were looking for me online in searches and via word of mouth...It clicked!

I need to be where they're looking, and for me that meant in search results. But like so many of us I thought. Ok so I gotta pay to advertise on Google and that....that will get me clients. But guess what...all that did was dig a deep hole in my wallet, and bring me ZERO new clients. *face palm* I spent about $500 hoping that Google would bring me new clients and I'd make that back with even 2 new Microblading clients.

It Didn't.

Then I realized...hold up...I need to figure out how to show up in that map section at the top, and then in the listing below that. I began studying Search Engine Optimization, and deep diving into how it all works.

I realized that Google is also a business and they're job in search is to return results that their clients desire. So we as business owners, have to comply and Google then rewards those efforts. It was like a light bulb went off in my head and I knew I was on to something.

I figured out some keyword phrases that clients were locally searching and using...but no credible results were coming up for. THAT was key.

I targeted those searches, and within 90 days or so I was DOMINATING the first page for those searches. Occupying at least 5 organic listings on the first page, and showing up in the Google Map!

And let me tell ya, when you're on the first page more than a few times...the phone calls keep coming! Not to mention I was focusing on getting reviews from my happy clients and that also began to help more clients choose me over my competitors.

So here's the takeaway. Digital marketing for your beauty business consists of understanding where your ideal clients are online. If they're taking to online search you'll need to deep dive and work on your online presence so that YOU start to show up when clients are looking for your beauty business.

You also need to understand what keyword phrases they're using to find what you offer. Platforms like Ubersuggest, and Answer the Public are great ways to get a better handle on what clients are using to find providers.

If you need more help with any of these digital marketing strategies for your beauty business...CLICK HERE and let's work together to get your business on track!

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