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Esthetician Marketing Tips | Get More Clients

Marketing is not usually a huge topic in any Esthetician or Beauty course. I've always wondered why that is, because getting more clients is THEE biggest hurdle to any new Esthetician or PMU Artist. Being a beauty professional can be an incredibly fulfilling career, but if you're not busy enough, it can also get crazy frustrating real quick! I'll discuss 5 easy and free ways you as an Esthetician can use Marketing to help get you more beauty clients. Which ones will you give a go?

5. Flat lay pictures, or pictures of your retail on your beautiful display shelf. Is a great way to let clients know the products you carry, and get them interested in your services. Take it a step further and dive into details about why you carry what you do and the benefits of them for your clients.

4. Grow Email List. Building an email list is allowing you to keep in touch with website visitors, and potential clients. It's a great way to share deals, announcements, and entice clients to book. I offer a $10 discount popup on my website, so if they're leaving they're sweetened back to book.

3. Collect and Show off those 5 star reviews. Social proof is one of the best ways to let clients know that you're great at what you do and that others trust you enough to give their feedback online.

2. SEO -Search Engine Optimization is by far one of my most prized methods of growing my Esthetics and Lash/Brow business. Back when I launched my business, the popular advice was post on Facebook, get some business cards and advertise to get your business going. Well I didn't have advertiser money, and I didn't have good following on Facebook. I learned SEO instead so that I could show up in organic Google search results when new clients searched for what I offered. Back then my efforts paid off, because I became 5 out of the 10 organic listings on Google for a list of local keywords. Between my website, my blog, my youtube channel (eventually), and a few of my website pages. I was killing the game...and my books started to fill up!

1.Automate your Google reviews. This was a hands off way to remind clients to take a moment to share their feedback on my Google page. I set it up in my booking software, and then included a link directly to the page. I made it easy for clients, and it worked. My studio is still the highest Google ranking lash and brow studio in Virginia Beach!

After 10 years as an Esthetician, I've grown a successful business and I love sharing how I did it so others can too.

Got questions? Leave them in the comments, I will answer every single one.

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