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“Businesses with pictures receive more requests for driving directions, as well as click throughs to their websites, then businesses without pictures.”

Google is increasingly visual in terms of how it uses AI to ‘understand’ the content of images (read our guide to visual searchGoogle is increasingly visual in terms of how it uses AI to understand the content of images.

You'll need to understand what opportunities there are to add images to your Google Business Profile, who can add them, how they can be added, and what sort of images work best.

Guidelines for Pictures According to Google

In order to understand Google's terms of service for the photos in GMB, we must go straight to the source.

Presently this is the 'go to' for pictures in Google Business Profiles:

You should read through the entire section-but here are some guidelines for

taking good photos:

  • Screenshots, stock photos, GIFs, other manually created imagery, or imagery taken by other parties should not be uploaded.

  • To be relevant, photos or videos must be taken by users at the location in question.

  • If the primary subject of the content is irrelevant to the location, it may be removed.

  • Stylistic adjustments (such as applied filters) are acceptable, provided that these stylistic changes are minimal and aren’t appended elements such as borders, text, collaged images, etc.

  • Content that makes it difficult for others to understand the environment that you’re sharing may be rejected. Examples are excessively dark or blurry images, significantly rotated compositions, and images that use filters to dramatically alter the representation of the place.

  • Images must be of a sufficient resolution. The exact requirements may vary by photo type and point of upload.

  • For traditional digital photos and videos, superimposed content can’t take up more than 10% of the image or video, and must be limited to a single edge.

  • Superimposed text or graphics must be relevant.

  • Distracting superimposed text or graphics are not allowed.

All of these are the guidelines you can use to get user images removed, and oh yeah, these are the guidelines you as a business owner need to adhere to when uploading your own images.

Google Business Profile Pictures by Users

Users can upload images to your business profile (*Yikes...I KNOW*)! Again, Google is very clear on the guidelines for UGC , which include the following:

  • contributions must be based on real experiences and information.

  • deliberately fake content, copied or stolen photos, off-topic reviews, defamatory language, personal attacks, and unnecessary or incorrect

content are all in violation of our policy.

Check out Google's list of prohibited and restricted content for a good idea of what is prohibited and restricted. Make sure you and your users adhere to these guidelines. huge list of prohibited and restricted content , make sure the images that you add adhere to these policies as well as the ones that users have added.

You'll need to be aware that you're not in complete control on GBP, a user photo could be used as a cover photo if you don't manage your profile.

Here's how to get people to take photos at your place

Of course, some types of locations will be easier than others, and encouraging users to upload photos won't work for every niche. Here are some tips to getting your beauty clients to play along.

Create Photo Worthy Backdrop

Provide a Photo-worthy Experience

We've all seen the giant bows on brand new cars...or a dramatic unveiling of something amazing. Opportunities to create something memorable for your clients is key, so they WANT to share it.

Just *Ask* Them

Sometimes the most straightforward tactics are overlooked. Simply ask your customers, either through flyers or posters at your location, digitally via email or face-to-face (shock horror), and you'll be off to a good start.

Getting Rid of User-generated Pictures

When a picture is added by a client using the ‘photo update’ feature in Google Maps this can appear right inside your business profile.

If a user-added picture goes against the guidelines outlined by Google’s in their terms of service for user images, you can flag it like this:

Click “Report a problem”

Then specify why it is breaking the rules. In this case it would be, "Not a Photo of the Place"

What pictures should I be adding to my Google Business Profile?

Google has a great guideYou can find a great guide from Google about the types of business-specific images you can and should include in your profile. They include:

  • Exterior photos

  • Interior photos

  • Product photos

  • Photos at work

  • Food and drink photos

  • Common areas

  • Rooms

  • Team Photos

Google recommends uploading three of each type, plus gives tips on how and why each type is recommended. This Google guide is awesome if you haven't read it yet!

If you have a great selection of professional images, of course, but try not to go overboard with them as it can actually make your brand look less trustworthy.

You should focus on professional, yet approachable, realistic, but not staged pictures. For example, you can take a smiley team photo instead of a shirt and tie like on LinkedIn. A little practice and experimentation with good lighting and props will allow you to produce decent quality images without spending a lot of money.

The purpose of Google's images is to provide local search users with a real idea of what the business is about and what their products and services are like, so please do not use stock photos!

How Often Should We Add or Remove Google Business Pictures?

Take good inventory on your uploaded pictures and don't be afraid to remove any that no longer tell your beauty business story. Whether that's your location, your space, or your skill level. We all know that if we're serious about our beauty craft, we're always improving. It's completely fine to reflect that in your Google Business Profile pictures too.

Typically we're already in a routine of taking tons of our beauty client pictures. Now it's your chance to begin to notice great opportunities that will beGoogle Business Profile friendly.Catching a great client after laugh, or of a client taking a selfie somewhere in your golden opportunities to take a picture and upload it to your Google Profile.

Hey thanks for taking a second to learn more about adding the best pictures to your new Google Business Profile page. If I can help you or if you have a question for me. Feel free to comment and let me know.

Or find me on Instagram @RickinaVelte and DM me

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