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With the right information you can start a lash business on a budget, let's break it down.

According to Grand View Research, Inc., by 2025, the global eyelash market is expected to reach $1.6 billion… that's a whole lot of potential lash clients and customers.

Starting a Lash Business

For your eyelash business, you'll need to know how to bring in new clients systematically, be properly trained, and check with your local regulating officials to ensure you're operating legally. Since we're looking at the budget friendly method to start a lash business, we'll break down what you'll absolutely need and what you can postpone till you're serving more clients and creating more income.

Getting New Clients

I've always told anyone who asks me, that even before you're trained in the new skill you wanna sell. You should take a smart look at how you'll bring clients to you to get things rolling. It absolutely makes zero sense if you have the skill, but no one knows you exist or can even find you when they're ready to book. This has been taught completely backwards in my opinion. Lash trainers will have you believing that if you take their 2 day class you'll make $100k by end of the year!? Silly talk!

But if you have a system in place that routinely brings you new clients, and they book appointments. You're you just need to learn the skill.

Claim Your Google Business Profile

Google wants small businesses to be better at gaining visibility because ultimately this helps their business grow too. When we set up our websites to be a relevant find to search engine users...Google solidifies their stake on search engine status. So we claim our GBP, and then begin posting to it at least 3 times a week with before and afters, updates on business, and or events.

Grab a Lash Business Website

You might have heard that a website is hard to create or complicated, but don't listen to those non booked professionals...I can tell you that having a website and utilizing the tools from Google allowed my lash and brow business to grow from $45-$102K in just under 2 years. CLICK HERE if you'd like to see my Acuity Booking receipts on that one :-)

I started with a free Wix website, and then grew into a paid version after a couple of years. They have tons of gorgeous templates that you can customize. I can help you with this one, if you need it. Just let me know in the comments

Getting Lash Training

To date there are no lash training regulations that I'm aware of for states that do not require a lash license. So with that being said, when you're choosing a training brand or instructor here are some things to look for:

  1. What exactly is covered in the curriculum and how long is the class in total. Including hours of live model training.

  2. What is included in your lash training kit? How many full sets can you get out of it? What brand is the supplies, and are they sharing information on where to purchase disposables with cost in mind.

  3. How long after the class finishes will you still have direct access to your instructor? And what does that look like? Email, Zoom, Phone, Video...Ask specifics.

  4. Also look at how much they charge their clients for the service you wanna learn? Is that also how much you'd like to charge, or is it too low?

  5. Next look at their Google reviews? Good, Bad, Ugly...dig deep and see what their clients say about them too..

  6. Finally but not indefinitely...are they promising you'll make $100k or more if you take their training? If so...RUN! Especially if they don't dedicate at least a day to search engine marketing, Google Business Profile, getting positive Google reviews, and how to market your business if you don't have a strong social media profile.

Where Will You Be Lashing?

You'll need to know where you'll be offering your new lash services. Whether that's at home, in a salon suite, in a rented room in an established salon, or maybe even mobile. Understanding all the numbers involved for each option is important. If you have specific questions about this please comment and let me know.

Work on Your Lash Business Customer Service Skills

I always felt that being a Licensed Esthetician first in my career, really gave me a leg up when it came time to transition to the lash industry. I knew how to confidently offer a consultation, I knew how to have a soft gentle touch on the face, and I understood how to offer an upscale experience due to my amazing Esthetics training.

How Much Should You Expect to Spend to Start Your Lash Business?

Every start of a business is different and a lash business is no exception. In my opinion you make whatever your budget is work. Whether that's $500 or $5000. If you're resourceful enough and can troubleshoot you can start right where you are.

When I started off, I used Ott lights, a massage table, and a cheap stool. I repurposed a tray that my hubby made into a tray from a cheese and meat gift from my in laws. I totally bootstrapped my lash business. I had just graduated Esthetics school, and had no job, and no financial cushion. I thrifted anything I could and make what I could work. All in all I think I spent maybe $700. (And that money was what was left over my Veterans Retraining program money)

Decide on a Lash Business Name

This is one of the fun parts in my opinion...creating something from nothing is so exciting. Here are a few tips on how to choose a beautiful lash or beauty business name:

  1. Think of flowers, special experiences, nicknames, animals, words in another language, special numbers, special quirky things about you.

Try them out together, or with a + or & creative...not trendy.

Check Out Who Does Lashes in Your Area

Also known as spying on your competition, but I like to think of competition as just other lady bosses looking to level up too. Check out what services they offer, how much they're charging, and their vibe. How can you be different, how can you create a unique experience for your clients? While I don't recommend strictly going off of their prices, you can use it as a base. Ultimately your pricing will depend on your own lash business costs, and how much you want to pay yourself.

Set Up a Lash Business Bank Account

Trust me on this this step no matter what. I didn't do this till years into my lash business and it was so stressful trying to separate it all out later on.

Having a business bank account keeps all of your business spending and income in one convenient place, and makes tax season soooo much better for you.

Insuring Your Lash Business

You definitely don't want to slip on insuring your lash business. I use Beauty Plus, and have enjoyed their low yearly premium under $400 a year, and ease of insuring. Use code: Extra10 for 10% off your premium. (as of 5/20/22)

Of course this isn't the end all be all list of how to start your lash business, but if there is anything that you still have questions on, please comment below. Happy to help you win in this beauty game!

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