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Noise Monitoring for Vacation Rental |Airbnb for Beginners

Keeping your finger on the noise pulse of your vacation rental is another task on the hands for vacation rental owners. Thankfully there are a few noise monitors on the market just for us.

In this brief breakdown of noise monitoring devices for your vacation rental, I'll list the top 3 choices I found. At the time of this article, I'm in the process of nailing financing for my first short term rental, so I haven't chosen an option yet. BUT when I do, I'll definitely be updating you guys on what I personally chose.

Here is a list of some popular noise monitoring devices suitable for vacation rentals or airbnb's:

Minut Smart Home Sensor: The Minut Smart Home Sensor is an all-in-one device that monitors noise levels, temperature, humidity, and motion. It sends alerts to your smartphone when noise levels exceed your set threshold, ensuring you are aware of any potential disturbances at your property.

noise monitoring for vacation rentals | airbnb for beginners

NoiseAware: NoiseAware is a popular noise monitoring solution specifically designed for vacation rentals. It measures decibel levels in real-time and sends alerts if noise levels exceed your set limits. NoiseAware offers both indoor and outdoor sensors.

Roomonitor: Roomonitor is another vacation rental-specific noise monitoring device. It continuously measures noise levels and sends real-time notifications when preset limits are exceeded. Roomonitor's easy-to-use dashboard allows you to monitor multiple properties and configure custom alert thresholds.

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