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Updated: May 24

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Rickina Velte Speaking at Lash Con 2019

They tell you that you can make $100k+ if you take their class. But if we take a moment to really break that down. Most beauty trainers have no clue as to how to even attract enough clients to honestly make $ how are they telling you, that YOU can???

You've probably seen plenty of beauty trainers popping up all over the interwebs claiming that they're now training for lash extensions, pmu, or whatever beauty service industry you call home and how you can make 6 figures if you train with them.

But here's what they won't tell you.

1. They themselves are probably not a 6 figure stylist, ask for receipt proof

2. They themselves don't even know how to get you to 6 figure status either

3. They may need state or city teaching licenses in order to legally train you...Check & ASK!

4. Check to see how much they're charging their own that how much you'd like to charge too? If not...reconsider.

5. They also may not be licensed, this is especially true if the state you're in requires it.

So why are so many stylists now hoping on the training bandwagon? The obvious reason is money...and unfortunately not passion. They may be passionate about the money...and that's not really the same thing. The passion needs to be for serving, for delivering a service that is top notch, and for looking to better the beauty industry and the beauty professionals that call it home.

But all too often stylists are green in the eyes for the money or the income that maybe they were promised when they were 'certified'...smh....

It's becoming all too common, and I don't see an end in sight...So what does a stylist do? You seek out the best fit for you and your goals. If you're truly looking to be a 6 figures beauty professional, it's going to take some work and you will need help.

Because unless you have the know how to attract 5-10 new lash clients every week, and can also serve them in a timely manner...those 6 figures...are out. of. reach.

It's hard work, and you have to diversify your value and services to see those high income figures. You also need to have several systems and parts in place in order to even be on the right track to get there. And trust me when I say that not many in this industry have that all sketched out. It's not easy, and it takes a lot of grind that not many are willing to put in.

But lucky for you, I've got some of it figured I don't have all the answers but I do have many of them. I've taken my business from the 6 figure mark in under 2 years and I wanna make sure any stylist willing to put in the time and effort can get there too. It's not for every stylist...and not every stylist who sets out on this journey will come out the other side a 6 figure stylist. But those who have all the gears in place, could walk in that light with shining colors!

Is this You? Because if this sounds like where you want your beauty business to go, I want you to come along. Ready to see what it takes to Really be an Honest 6 Figure beauty professional or entrepreneur?

Comment below and tell me why?

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