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What You Know About Building Business Credit is WRONG!

There is so much fragmented and incorrect information online today about how to build REAL business credit.


And if you're anything like me as a small business owner, I wish I knew this from the moment I decided to be an entrepreneur.

But real quick lemme tell you why when I talk about business credit I say REAL vs FAKE.

REAL business credit is acquired using ONLY your EIN number

FAKE business credit is acquired using your SSN number. So if you've applied for a "Business" credit card, but used your SSN to get approved...I'm afraid you've been building FAKE business credit.

Actually ANY time you've used your SSN for a loan, lease, or credit've been DUPED into building FAKE business credit.

Good way to know, is if you go and apply for an expansion loan, or try to buy a company vehicle with your EIN, and are denied...despite having a strong revenue generating business.

Unfortunately, You have been building FAKE business credit.

But fortunately for you, you found my lil spot online that is about to change all that. My name is Rickina and I'm an Executive Consultant for J. Galt, a SaaS company that offers a membership to business owners that guarantees they'll build REAL business credit, and then NEVER be denied the credit your business needs.

You read that right, we guarantee that if you follow our proven 7 step process, stay consistent with our platform, not only will you increase your business credit score, but you won't ever be turned down for business credit. Good luck finding another offer that can promise that.

When you're tired of building FAKE business credit and are ready to build REAL business credit, let's talk!

FIRST STEP: take our quiz to see if we're a good fit.


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