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Updated: May 27

Google has recently announced they are renaming their Google My Business Pages to Google Business Profiles, in an effort to “keep things simple.” Whether you’ve had a Google My Business Page since the days of Google Places or are only now thinking about getting one, now is the time to set up your Google Business Profile.

Why have a Google Business Profile for your beauty business?

Google Business Profiles are completely free, but I know what you’re thinking: Rickina, do I really need ANOTHER thiiiing? I get it, you’re likely already juggling Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and that’s not even including your website.

And, truust me I totally get that you don’t need anything else on your to-do list, but I gotta tell you that yes... you do absolutely do need a Google Business Profile if you meet your clients face-to-face. A Google Business Profile allows you to:

  • Get found by your clients on Google and in Google Maps - there’s no better way to show up for local searches

  • Tell your clients exactly how to work with you - it shows directions (if necessary), open times, links to your website, and how to book with you.

  • Show off your great reviews - Google reviews are one of the key things clients look at when deciding which local business to use. (Don’t worry if you get a few half-hearted or even negative reviews, Google reports that actually makes you look more trustworthy.)

The new name change also comes with a few new features, including messaging, call history, and the ability to claim your profile directly within Google Search.

How Does a Google Business Profile Affect Search

Engine Optimization(SEO)?

Google business profiles puts you on the map - literally. If you don’t know about the basics of digital marketing and SEO, I recommend you quickly read my other article Digital Marketing in the Beauty Industry so you understand the basics of why SEO is so important.

Your clients are looking for you with searches like “[Atlanta] microblading” or “lash extensions near me”.

If you want to show up for those location-based searches, you need a Google Business Profile (GBP). Even if you optimize your website for these search terms, you’ll likely find that most businesses in your area will still show up ahead of you in the search results if they have a GBP, because Google wants to show searchers results on the map.

In other words, setting up your GBP is your one shortcut to the top of the search results - and it’s not a shortcut all businesses can use, so make the most of it!

Quickstart Tips on Optimizing Your GBP for Your Beauty Business

So now you’re ready to put creating your GBP at the top of your to-do list, what do you need to know to get the most out of it? Here are some of my top tips:

  • Include as much information as you can (address, phone number, business hours, what you offer, accurate links, website) and keep it up-to-date. Add a reminder to your calendar to check it at least once a month...for business update. NOT to make post updates and post pictures....thaaat should be at least twice a week.

Share content to your GBP - Take advantage of the opportunity to share content by sharing more information about how you work, the different services you offer, or even any special deals you’re offering. Remember that most people browsing your GBP are actively looking to make a booking in the near future.

  • Include photos and/or videos - If you have your own location, consider posting a video of what it looks like to arrive and what they need to do (this is great for nervous clients), as well as pictures of your location. Whether you have a permanent address or are mobile, post some before and after photos to show potential customers your results.

Adding another thing to your to-do list is never welcome, but in this case, the payoff can be massive! Just a few hours putting it together can result in plenty of bookings and calls for your services. If you’re ready to put your beauty business on the map, I’m here to help. Click here to get started and access all my free resources.

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