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Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Have we officially met yet? I know some of us have,

but in case there are any new arrivals to my tiny spot here.

Hi! I'm Rickina, I own a Lash & Brow Studio in Virginia Beach, VA

and a State Licensed Permanent Makeup School.

I started my business right after I graduated from Esthetics school in 2013.

Originally set out to be a traditional Esthetician until I found it hard to attract

regular skin and waxing clients, and cause you know in school they just taught us to get a Facebook page, have some business cards made and you'd be set.

Boy was I in for a surprise, not only did that NOT work, I began to feel like this business idea was looking to be yet another learning failure. It wasn't until I realized I was pregnant with our third baby, Ava that I had to figure this business out, and fast.

I worked pretty much up till I delivered, took 2 months off, and then came back ready to figure this out and grind. I ran Groupons, Living Socials, went mobile, set up agreements with apartment communities to offer appointments and worked all the time to try and get some business.

Meanwhile I was building and developing my website, and working through learning SEO to get clients via online search. I had began studying it while attending college courses a few years back, and those business failures I've mentioned before. And was now applying it to grow my business.

Finally after a couple of years of fails, trial and error...lots of errors, I was booking 8

weeks out. I brought on another stylist to assist me and then decided to learn how to do Microblading. That became my turning point of finally watching my business grow. I was getting new clients via Google searches and finally able to begin 'designing' my business. Instead of my business designing me.

By 2017 I had hit my first 6 figure year...and couldn't believe it. It was like I had finally found what worked for me to consistently attract new clients, so that my business could really grow.

There's always a story behind success and failure...I've learned to embrace those failures. No that's not easy...not even a little bit. It's embarrassing, and it hurts to pour energy into something and it not work.

But if you have someone in your corner pushing you to keep all makes more sense to not give up. I wish I had more of that...but I had to push myself. Because at the time...I WAS a serial failure. But now I'm passionate to help others get through those business battles, and give them what I didn't have.

So here's to finishing this year Strong!

Drop a heart in the comments if you need a Pusher!

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